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Everything You Need to Know

Do I need to service my A/C every year?

The answer is yes.  Over time the coils could become dirty and airflow through your system will become obstructed.  Jet Flush offers coil cleaning and system inspections.  This type of procedure should be carried out at least once a year.  Dirty filters not only decrease efficiency but also increases the risk of system failure.

Is hydro-jetting required before carrying-out pipe inspections?

The answer is no.  In the event your system cannot be freed the pipe camera can still be utilized. However,  hydro-jetting is very effective to free your system of stoppages and leaving the pipe surface clean for inspection.  


Jet Flush offers services for heat and air and hydro-jetting.  The hydro-jetter is a versatile high pressure pump that has  been utilized to free various issues in various scenarios.   Hydro-jetting can be effective to free sewer stoppages, clear shop bay drains, clear oil traps, free French drains, and much more with selection of pumping heads.

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